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Hmm.. where do we begin..? Ok, here's a little spill about how all this madness started


The birth and metamophosis of Annex Media

November 2007                           

Incorporated in the UK

On this very day, we were incorporated as a company in the UK as Annex Media Publishing Ltd. where we carried out minor media works including music licensing and publishing, graphic design, web development and photography. We weren't really sure of what direction to steer this ship in, so we dabbled our hands in a few things.

April 2013                           

Annex Media - Australia

Annex Media was registered under a sole propietorship in Australia offering fewer services mainly in video, web, graphics and degital design. 

October 2015                         

Annex Media Tribe

Annex Media produced its first ever broadcast content in Australia and started to build relationships with major networks around the country.

January 2017                         

A business is reborn

Launching the business under a structure, Annex Media became a Discretionary Trust.

April 2018                         

A Business Guru Steps In

Annex Media launched the sixth season on Industry Leaders television program hosted by Janine Allis (founder of Boost Juice Bars and Shark Tank Investor) on Network Ten.

March 2019                         

FinFeed Partnership

Annex Media partners with FinFeed, a highly reputable source for financial news and all things business in general.

April 2019                         

Content Longevity Achieved

Annex Media broadcasts the eighth season of Industry Leaders TV Show on Foxtel Network and received endorsements on both local newspapers and other media outlets as well.

June 2019                           

Vision through television

A gift of sight. Annex Media joins forces with Business Authorities to launch an Invites-Only Exclusive Industry Leaders Lunch; a community that brings together CEOs, directors and founders in an effort to promote the use of profit as a force for good to foster the upliftment of humanity. An initiative that supports the restoration of sight to the visually impaired by donating to Fred Hollows Foundation.

9 April 2021                         

Annex TV - Launch

After over a decade of producing strictly broadcast content for television. We thought we would diversify the business to avail us the opportunity to service a noticeable gap in the market - everyday video content. With the demand for video content soaring in recent years, it made perfect sense for us to stop turning down inquiries; hence we established an arm of the business that caters solely to the production of varied and engaging video content.


Now airing on Foxtel Channel 173, Tues 8PM weekly

Fav Quote

Before Roger Bannister ran the “4-minute-mile” he was told “That’s impossible. You can’t run a mile in less than 4 minutes! Your heart will stop and your lungs will explode.”
Since he broke the 4-minute barrier (in May 1954), more than 4,500 others have broken the 4-minute Mile.
There are leaders and champions in every community.
- Antony Gaddie 

Our Clients

We are proud to say that we have worked on successful projects with strong notable brands. Here are some of the powerful brands we have worked with in media.


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