Vision Through Television (VTT)

Doing business for good and using profit to uplift humanity.


We are proud supporters of the late Professor Frederick Cossom Hollows, popularly known as Fred. Serendipitously, we are in the business of making film and television for people to watch and enjoy. When the opportunity presented itself for our business to support a worthy cause and the legacy of Fred, it made perfect sense for Annex to offer its corporate support to help promote the good cause of The Fred Hollows Foundation. Hence the birth of our VTT initiative, not to mention just how important it is for us as humans to be able to see. We are sure you will agree, that the gift of sight, is the greatest gift of all.


Now airing on Foxtel Channel 173, Tues 8PM weekly

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See the Bigger Picture

Our VTT initiative offers a unique opportunity for poor people in underdeveloped countries to have their vision restored by donating to the amazing work of The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Up to eight people can have their vision restored

For every 30 minutes of airing an episode of Industry Leaders television program on TV, at least 8 people will have their vision restored. Thanks to The Fred Hollows Foundation for making this dream a reality for many people living in poverty around the world.

Doing Business for Good to uplift Humanity

We encourage all businesses, small and big to engage with us through our VTT initiate to help uplift humanity. By simply sharing your story with a nationwide audience on television, you will help to restore the vision of at least two people in less privileged countries.

Share your story with a nationwide audience


Our Clients

We are proud to say that we have worked on successful projects with strong notable brands. Here are some of the powerful brands we have worked with in media.


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