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Industry Leaders

With the sixth season hosted by Janine Allis on Network Ten, founder of Boost Juice and Shark Tank investor. Watch the most talked about show on television! Each episode features the success stories of Industry Leaders from each state across the country. You will meet the great business men and women who are the backbone of this country. 

About the show! Broadcast on Foxtel Channel 173, Tuesdays 8PM AEST, you will learn how these entrpreneurs came to be and be inspired by their stories of passion, courage, resillience, hard-work and determination that drove them to succeed.


This show transforms the ordinary cafe into Australia‘s best place to be. The design and renovation process will unfold on your TV screen. We will take a basic design idea and craft it into something truly spectacular. In this nationwide TV show we travel the length and breadth of this great country to find the worst cafes‘ in desperate need of a makeover but leave them feeling hip and funky for both the owners and their patrons to truly enjoy. WATCH SNEEK PEAK..

"Every door is an opportunity and behind the door is a mirror to your world...hinged to the possibilities of imagination and design". - Melissa Lunardon

Fast Food Police

This is an arresting and compelling narrative of the everyday Australian family as they are challenged to make better and healthier food choices to improve their longevity and quality of life. When they are caught off guard by the Fast Food Police and bailed up for their food crimes, they are taught an important lesson about diet, nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle. When faced with the challenges of breaking old habits and a little bit of tough love, how will they react?

About the Host! Maritza Barone is an Australian TV Presenter, Radio Host, Podcaster, Voice Over Artist and Content Producer.  In 2019 Maritza released a wellbeing podcast, 'Things You Can't Un-Hear'. Her podcast hit the 'New and Noteworthy' section of iTunes in the first 2 weeks of its release and continues to grow steadily in popularity. She currently co-hosts a personality driven radio show, 'The Smoko' on Triple M Aussie for Southern Cross Austereo.

Escape to The Winery

Australia's wine history dates back to 1788 with the arrival of the first fleet. Today Australia's wine industry is the fourth largest in the world and exports globally. On this show we will take you on a remarkable journey to experience wineries steeped in history, introduce you to the winemakers enjoying the fruits of their labour.

About the Show! From the rolling hills of the Yarra Valley to the red soil of Barossa Valley and down through to the far west of the Margaret River region, we will travel the length and breadth of Australia to showcase some of the finest wineries this magnificent country has to offer.

10K Bo$$

The one and only TV show where your hustle determines your salary. In this season of 10K Boss, we meet great individuals with a true thirst and hunger for success. But with a shoe string budget and a tight deadline, will everyone who talks the talk be able to walk the walk? And when faced with the by-product of every successful business which are 'relentless challenges' will they deliver the goods on time?

About the Show! If you are a spendtrhift or possess the temerity of a true entrepreneur, this show will put you through the ultimate test. If you succeed, you will have investors knocking on your door, but if you fail, you will have debt collector harrassing you with phone calls.

Entrepreneurs' Secret

Entrepreneurs’ Secrets captures the spirit of what makes Australia such a great and unique nation. Meet business men and women turning ideas into innovation and passion into profit. Discover how these courageous Australians are leading their industries into the future and creating footprints for the next generation to follow. Be inspired by their stories.

About the Show! What if you knew how to crack the secret code to success? What if someone gave you a blueprint to money making and you don't have to work a day in your life ever again? Well, if you want to know how to WIN in the money game, this is the show to watch. 


Now airing on Foxtel Channel 173, Tues 8PM weekly

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